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The strongest way to aid my educational mission is through direct financial support.

It allows me greater creative freedom and academic independence as I rely less on traditional advertisements and search algorithms. 


Joining Patreon is the easiest way to regularly give to the channel.

Sign up in just a few minutes to get access to all sorts of benefits and bonus content, including Patron-exclusive Livestreams, early access to videos, and even complimentary merchandise!


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  • A physical thank-you letter in the mail.

  • Your name/username in the credits of every video.

  • A 5% discount on all Teespring Merchandise.

  • A vote on the Patreon share (70%) of the channel’s charitable work.

  • Patron-only livestreams once a month on Patreon! 

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  • All previous tier benefits.

  • A 25% discount on all Teespring Merchandise.

  • Any one poster, OR one mug and one sticker, OR five stickers from my Merchandise store sent as a complimentary thank you!

One-time Gifts

I also accept one-time gifts via Paypal and Venmo. I am unable to offer any benefits or bonuses for these gifts, but they are greatly appreciated all the same.


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