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There are all sorts of ways you can help support my work at no cost to yourself! In fact, through most of the affiliate opportunities listed below you'll not only help me, but save yourself time and money! 

I have no official relationship or sponsorship with any of the below-listed companies.  I am promoting affiliate links which are accessible to all of their customers.

Free Trial Opportunities


You get: Two free audio-books with your 30-day free trial

I get: $5 for every Trial & $10 for every 1-Month Gold Digital membership

Half of all revenue goes to the Native Oak Fund

You get: A 30-day no-obligation free trial to Amazon Prime

I get: $3 for every sign-up

Half of all revenue goes to the Native Oak Fund

Save Time & Money

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically searches for coupon codes during checkout whenever you shop online.

You get: 500 Honey Gold (equivalent value $5)

I get: 500 Honey Gold 

$5 goes to the Native Oak Fund for every two registrations


Brave blocks trackers & intrusive ads that interrupt & slow your browsing. Earn BAT Coins while you use it, and donate them to your favourite content creators automatically! 

You get: A browser without ads or trackers (incl. on YouTube)

I get: Up to $7.50 after the browser is used for 30 days.

Half of all revenue goes to the Native Oak Fund

Invest and Make Money

Invest in stocks and ETFs, including fractional shares, with zero fees. M1's "pie" system allows you to easily and automatically diversify your portfolio according to your own pre-determined allocation. I've used it for a few years now and cannot recommend it enough!

You get: $10 when you fund your account with at least $100

I get: $10 when you fund your account

Half of all revenue goes to the Native Oak Fund

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