At the end of all my videos, I sign off with an old 18th Century turn of phrase: 

"I am your most humble and obedient of servants."

The Native Oak Fund is my way of adding some truth to the statement.

The Native Oak Fund

The extraordinary stories of British history are not merely the subject of my work;

they are its inspiration.

The Native Oak Fund seeks to promote those stories, and continue their glorious legacy.

Every donation is made in the name of my viewers who make them possible.

Through your support, we have thusfar raised:


since Oct. 2020

Funding Sources

The money for the Native Oak Fund comes from a variety of sources and is proportionately determined by the level of support I receive on Patreon.  This includes a portion of my revenues from Google Adsense, Livestreaming, and Affiliate Marketing.


All of these figures are recorded below in the 'Record Keeping' section.

How donations are decided:

  • 70% of donations are voted on by my Patreon supporters and allocated proportionately

  • 30% of donations are voted on by my YouTube viewers and allocated proportionately

Record Keeping

A full record of where all of The Native Oak Fund's money has come from and where it has gone, with proof of donations as well.  This document is updated regularly as new information comes in.  (Not visible on all mobile devices)

"The Native Oak Fund" is NOT an official nonprofit organization. It is merely the term I apply to my charitable giving out of personal income gotten from the above listed sources. I am unable to accept donations for the Native Oak Fund. If you would like to support the cause of the Native Oak, please send donations directly to the organizations it supports.  Thank you.

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Independent Historian


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