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   Dear Visitor,


   My career is an eclectic one. I suppose the term "YouTuber" is most appropriate, though I don't much care for it. Above all else I consider myself an educator; a role I primarily exercise through the online publishing of video documentaries, lectures, reviews, and discussions.


   If I wish to flatter myself, I might also claim to be a writer- though the progress there is always slow! I'll get that anthology piece out sooner or later, I'm sure...


   Perhaps most distinctly, I am a reenactor who portrays soldiers from the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic Wars, and the First and Second World Wars. I travel the nation, even the world (whenever we're not in a pandemic at least) to take part in living history events and help connect people with their history on a more material and social level. Here and there, I've even been known to give costumed history tours and visit classrooms for guest lecturing!

   I know how woefully pretentious and even strange it must all sound, but ultimately if I wished to summarise my work in a single word, I hope that "Servant" should meet the purpose. I readily admit that I do not always succeed, but still I strive to live a life of service: to the field of history, to the reenactment community, and above all else to the natural and institutional legacy of the past, that it might be honoured and glorified, understood and learned from.

   Thank you for your time, your support, and your generosity. As ever I am, and I shall remain, your most humble and obedient of servants,

Brandon Fisichella

Brandon Fisichella

Independent Historian


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